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Captained Charter Pricing

Sailboat TypeMaximum # of Passengers3 hour Charter4 hour Charter8 hour Charter
Beneteau 30.14$600$700$1,100
Beneteau 35.15$700$800$1,200
Beneteau 38.16$800$900$1,300
Beneteau 417$900$1000$1,400
Beneteau 458$1,000 $1,200 $1,800
Beneteau 46.18$1,200$1,400$2,000
Beneteau 51.111$1,525$1,700$2,600
Lagoon 450 F Catamaran12$1,995$2,195$3,250
Lagoon 46 Catamaran12$2,195$2,495$3,550

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Sailboat TypeMaximum # of Passengers3 Day Charter4 Day Charter5 Day Charter
Beneteau 35.14$3,595 $4,795 $5,995
Beneteau 38.14$3,895 $5,195 $6,495
Beneteau 416$4,195$5,595$6,995
Beneteau 456$5,395 $7,195 $8,995
Beneteau 46.16$5,995$7,995$9,985
Beneteau 51.16$7,795$10,385$12,985
Lagoon 450 F Catamaran7$9,750$12,985$16,250
Lagoon 46 Catamaran8$10,650$14,200$17,750

If you have more than 6 passengers on the boat and you don’t have the experience to skipper the boat, you simply can choose a Captain from our Staff page.  Please understand that all captains may not be available on the day of your charter.   This will be a simple process and we will walk you through it. The reason this is done is because of a USCG regulation. 
If you have more than 9 passengers or you are sailing on a catamaran a second crew member will be provided. 
If you would like a server or a crew member and you have less than 9 passengers, we can set that up for you.  There is an hourly cost for the server or crew member. 
A beautiful newer sailing yacht, a friendly knowledgeable captain, all necessary safety gear and cleaning up after the charter.
Food and beverage: Everyone has a different preference, bring what you like best.

Gratuity: If gratuity was automatically included, service may not be exceptional. We believe only exceptional service should be rewarded.